4 Skin Cancer Prevention Tips

Skin cancer can occur at any age, it doesn't only affect those that worship the sun or work outdoors on a daily basis. Skin cancer can be treated if caught early enough, or it could prove deadly if not caught in time and treated properly. To help you prevent skin cancer in the first place, there are a few things you should be doing. Read on for helpful information to prevent skin cancer at any age.

Is It A Suspicious Mole? A Three-Part Checklist

Anyone can develop a benign, or harmless, mole, which makes it difficult to know whether a mole is suspicious or not. However, it's important for you to be able to make the distinction. Doing so could potentially save your life. Here are the three things to look out for if you don't know whether a mole is suspicious or not. Shape Suspicious, cancerous moles are often asymmetrical. What this means is that they aren't a perfect circle, oval, or even square -- they tend to be crooked.

How To Recover From Mohs Surgery

If you have been diagnosed with skin cancer, your dermatologist may recommend a popular surgery to remove it called Mohs surgery. This unique and thorough surgical procedure involves taking one layer of tissue at a time and examining it under a microscope. If there are cancerous cells in that particular piece of tissue, your dermatologist will remove another piece and another until it comes back clear. Depending on how deep the skin cancer went, you may have a bigger scar than others.

4 In-Office Dermatology Treatments That May Help With Acne

When you visit your dermatologist for acne treatment, you typically expect to be prescribed a cream, wash, or pill and sent home. Indeed, remedies of this sort can be very effective for acne. But in some cases, you may also benefit from having a certain in-office treatment or two. Here is a look at four different in-office treatments that dermatologists often offer that may help ease your acne. Extractions If you have a lot of active pimples, your dermatologist may recommend sitting down for an extraction session.

What To Know About Skin Cancer Checks

Nobody wants to hear that they have the "c-word," but tons of people are diagnosed every day with a variety of different types of cancers including skin cancer. The good thing (if that is such a thing) about skin cancer is that it's easily treatable if it's caught early on and patients shouldn't have to worry about any complications following treatment. But as previously mentioned, you need to catch skin cancer early on for it to be treatable, which may sound tricky, but by doing regular skin cancer checks, it can just be part of your routine.